She Went in Haste to the Mountain Book 3

3-01a) BOOK 3 Begins -Eucharistic Miracle or Fraud? 3-01b) An Unforgettable Holiday Weekend
3-01c) The News Spreads:Expectation Mounts 3-01d) Awaiting the Hour
3-01e) 1:40 a.m. 3-01f) Miracle or Fraud?
3-01g) God is Here! 3-01h) Diocesan Commission Says NO
3-02a) Bk 3 Chapter 2 Begins- Explosion of Opinions 3-02b) Expert Witnesses
3-03a) The Unsearchable Ways of God 3-03b) Mysterious Monotony
3-03c) The Eucharist in the Forefront 3-04a) A Miracle on the Horizon
3-04b) Recorded on Tape 3-04c) Among the Marvels
3-04d) ATorch Dies Out 3-05a) Chapter 5: Bells of the Last Council / Strange Phenomena
3-05b) Siege at Garabandal 3-05c) A New Miracle
3-05d) Stories with a Message 3-05e) Pleasure and Penance
3-06a) More News - More Expectation 3-06b) Weariness and Disillusion
3-06c) After 19 Months, the Final Period? 3-07a) CHAPTER 7 - Long Weeks of Dismay
3-07b) The Case of Mari Cruz 3-07c) New Phenomena: Locutions
3-07d) Only Three Popes 3-07e) With the Miracle in Sight
3-07f) One More Apparition 3-08a) CHAPTER 8:- 1964: Another Year of Interlude
3-08b) The Return of Father Luis Andreu 3-08c) Between Doubt and Hope
3-09a) CHAPTER 9 - Before the Finale 3-09b) A Warning for the Whole World
3-09c) Waiting for the Day 3-09d) The Gathering Crowd
3-09e)Tryst With an Angel 3-10a) Chapter 10 - Last Warnings
3-10b) The Denunciation 3-10c) Warning of Disaster
3-10d) Call to Repentance 3-10e) The Aftermath of June 18th
3-10f) The Fourth No from the Bishop 3-11a) Farewell in the Rain (Part 1)
3-11b) Farewell in the Rain (Part 2) 3-11c) Farewell in the Rain (Part 3)
3-11d) Farewell in the Rain (Part 4) 3-12a) Epilogue - 1
3-12b) Epilogue 2 - THE MESSAGES 3-12c) Epilogue - END of Book - Star of Gold

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